3 Tips for Building a Resilient Tomorrow

By Joe Horn and Hazel Stark

This evening the Electoral College cast their votes to finalize the 45th President of the United States. While roughly 46% of the citizens of our country are breathing a sigh of relief, the remaining 54% are somewhere between disappointed and horrified. Wherever you fall on this reactionary spectrum, here are three quick steps to keep moving forward with your own vision of a resilient future.

1.    Make a List

Ask yourself “What does our world look like when it is thriving?” It is important at this step to think BIG, BOLD, and IDEAL. This is not a time to feel constrained by realities and paradigms—we can change these and we will.  Start writing a list of all the things that the world needs to thrive. Think about the people, society, economy, and all the other living organisms in the world, great and small. Think about those nonliving aspects of our world as well: the soil (ok, we can debate how alive soil is later), water, air, and sunlight.

This list is your vision of a perfect world. This is your mission. This is your reason for being. You can make this world happen.

2.    Identify your Influence

A single grain of sand doesn’t make a mountain, but a single grain of sand can push a few grains of sand…which can push a few more… which can push a few more… and then we have the Himalayas.  Much like that grain of sand, you cannot as a single person on your own make your vision a reality, so you must leverage your influence. Think about those who can truly feel the effect of your efforts—perhaps family members, colleagues, organizations, or maybe even a whole community or region. For some of us, this may be a whole nation.

When you start acting towards your vision, these people are the segment of society that feel your movement and may start moving with you.  These are the people that will make your vision a reality.

3.    Think and Act Strategically

Every morning when you wake up, take a good hard look at that list: your vision of a perfect world.  Every choice you make every single day will build to that vision. As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  This can be the most challenging part of these three steps. It is easy to envision a perfect world and to identify who you influence. It is significantly less easy to wake up to a brisk subfreezing morning and choose to walk rather than drive or to stand up in public and help out a stranger that is being accosted for being “different.” 

Your direct choices and actions right now is where the magic happens. Live your vision.

With a vision of a thriving and resilient future for our planet in mind, MOS staff will be tirelessly—sometimes quietly and sometimes loudly—working to make that vision a reality. We hope you will be doing the same thing—working towards whatever a thriving, resilient future looks like to you.

These three tips were taken from the Spheres of Influence model. For more information, check out our previous post here.

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