MOS Brochures Designed by College of the Atlantic Students

by Hazel Stark

When two committed College of the Atlantic students get together to work towards a common effort, the results are typically outstanding. This project was no exception. When Jolie and Allie, two of Professor Dru Colbert's graphics design students at College of the Atlantic, offered to design us some brochures, the very first question they asked was “how flexible are you about the layout?” We knew from that point on that the results would be creative and effective. Before I introduce Allie and Jolie, here is a glimpse of one of the brochures they designed for us.

Educational Programs Brochure.jpg

Thank you, Allie and Jolie, for a job well done!

Jolie Lau (below right): When asked for a bio, she replied with "Adobe is my favourite computer game." She knows her stuff! You can see some of her work on her Vimeo page here and via LinkedIn here.

Allie Gay (below left): "I am a current student at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME. In studying Human Ecology, I have found the ways in which art seeps into and interacts with all aspects of the world. I am especially interested in using art to inform and educate people, whether that’s through a poster, a book, or a video. I believe art can convey emotion and create sympathy, especially when used alongside words. I work mostly with watercolor, pen and ink, and digital platforms such as illustrator and photoshop. You may view my work here."