Our New Road Sign is Complete

By Joe Horn



Geese travel south. Frosts get heavier and more frequent. The ice seems to be here to stay on quiet bends of the river. But seasons aren’t the only things that have signs!

Here at the MOS office we are ELATED that we were able to unveil our brand new road sign this week! This little feat was months in the working and we couldn’t have done it without the generous contributions of materials, time, and money that many of you donated. Thank you all for your continued support and generosity.

As with most things around here, Hazel Stark and I were the masterminds and craftspeople behind the building of this sign. I constructed the sign out of marine grade plywood so that it will withstand the harsh Downeast weather while Hazel artfully hand-painted our beautiful and intricate logo over a careful basecoat that her dad painted! Click here to learn more about the logo and Hallowbone, the Maine artist we contracted to design the bear logo.

We try to not read too much into things (aside from phenological happenings of course!) but when we managed to dig two post holes of Downeast soil that were three feet deep without hitting even a single stone, we realized that this might have been an auspicious sign. I mean really, when was the last time you dug a single shovelful of Maine soil and not pulled up at least a potato-sized rock?

At the base of the sign, there is a mound of soil and compost that has been planted with rhubarb crowns so that the landscaping will be both beautiful and edible. This rhubarb is just one more way that we at MOS try to model resilience in every aspect of our work.

So on your next swing through Milbridge, stop by for a wicked cuppa and, if in season, some rhubarb! 

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