Building Resilience: Peninsula School’s After School Program

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By Joe Horn
Co-Founder/Co-CEO and Naturalist Educator

“Can we do science today?!” asked one especially inquisitive student as I stepped into the after school session at the Peninsula School in Prospect Harbor to gather up my group. Lucky for him, science was at the core of what we were doing that day and every other day during this after school series. We’re focused on building community resilience around the school by identifying and then strengthening the things that make their community (both natural and human) strong.

We are now officially more than half-way through the eight-week series. During the first half, the students have exercised their teamwork through a teambuilding game, picked up trash around their soccer field and their cross-country trail, quietly observed birds and squirrels, tracked deer and coyotes, and created plaster casts of their tracks. During these series of activities, students were challenged to develop ideas for projects they could do towards the end of this after school series. Students came up with ideas such as:

  • Creating a composting system at their school
  • Doing trail work on their cross country trail
  • Creating a bird feeding and observing area at the edge of their campus

By observing and experiencing how other species exemplify resilience, students are working on applying that to their own lives. For the last four sessions students will hone in on a specific project and implement their project. Stay tuned to see what they come up with!

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