MOS Presents at Unity College and Antioch University New England

By Joe Horn
Co-Founder/Co CEO

While the weather this winter fluctuated erratically from torrential downpours and warm weather to record-breaking blizzards and hard freezes, the message in MOS’s presentations remained rock solid: precisely articulate your reason for being, align your mission to every aspect of your organization, and plan meticulously. In the past couple of months, MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs presented to four classes in total at Unity College in Unity, ME and Antioch University New England in Keene, NH: Administration and Organization, Experiential Learning Initiatives, Operations and Value Chain Management, and Financial Management Fundamentals II.

Why does MOS speak at Colleges and Universities? It’s simple. The world needs inspired young change-makers to work tirelessly and intently towards personal and community resilience in their academic and professional lives. If everyone is working towards this same goal, and MOS can help facilitate that in many settings, we will have vibrant and thriving rural communities and, in turn, a vibrant and thriving region.

Maine Outdoor School is an outstanding addition to our educational community here at Unity College Adventure Programs. Joe and Hazel have kindled a fire with their work through MOS. Their timely and inspirational mission welcomes others to join them in sharing the light - a vision of education for not only the great state of Maine, but all of New England.
—  Dr. Will Hafford, Assistant Professor of Adventure Therapy

Check out the video (left) of our presentation to Unity College’s Administration and Organization class, taught by Tom Mullin, Associate Professor of Parks, Recreation and Ecotourism.

MOS presentations can cover a variety of topics. Over the past couple of months, these professors were keenly interested in MOS highlighting the importance of identifying an organization’s reason for being and how to manage an organization to specifically maximize positive impact.

Interested in seeing a MOS presentation first-hand?  Come out to the Maine Environmental Education Association’s Annual Conference on Friday, March 24th, 2017 at Colby College and check out Hazel’s presentation, “Improving program quality and organizational resilience through a focus on employees,” or Joe’s presentation, “Overwhelmed by global issues? Try appreciative inquiry and leverage your influence!”  See you there!

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