Beals Students in Grades 1-8 Visit Ingersoll Point Preserve

by Hazel Stark

In an effort to both help students learn about the flora and fauna in their home ecosystem as well as a local preserve they can explore and hike with their families, Beals Elementary School students visited the Ingersoll Point Preserve, owned by the Downeast Coastal Conservancy, in early October 2018.

Beals_Ingersoll_10.1 (1).jpg

Grades 1-4 hiked and explored with MOS Naturalist Educator Hazel Stark and Grades 5-8 joined MOS Naturalist Educator Joe Horn for the experience. Both groups played games, made astute observations about the lush moss and mushrooms in the spruce-fir forest and compared that to the flora and fauna along the shore. They were also able to have a unique view of the bridge that links their school’s community of Beals Island to the mainland and pick up litter in the preserve. While it unexpectedly rained, one student shared that her favorite outdoor activity was “listening to the rain fall on the leaves.”

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