Downeast Roots

by Hazel Stark
Co-Founder/Co-CEO/Naturalist Educator

Last winter, Pammy Dyer-Stewart of the Women’s Health Resource Library and Wendy Harrington of the Maine Seacoast Mission approached MOS and several other local education- and mission-based organizations in an effort to share resources and maximize collaboration among us all. So formed “Downeast Roots,” a group currently comprised of those three organizations mentioned above, in addition to the Milbridge Library, Mano en Mano, and CCLC’s Transforming Rural Experience in Education (TREE) program.


Our shared mission for Downeast Roots is “to promote each other’s work, share resources, and work together on projects for the benefit of our community.” Our first project was the Downeast Roots Festival, which occurred on 9/28/19 at the Milbridge Commons Wellness Park. Live music, craft vendors, activities, food, and more were all available to festival-goers. We had a table where people could come learn about MOS and play an outdoor exploration activity.

We’re proud to be part of such a collaborative group working together for the benefit of our region. You can learn more about Downeast Roots here.