Microadventures with Jonesport Teachers

by Hazel Stark

On the teacher workshop day that fell the day before April vacation, all Jonesport Elementary School teachers experienced a professional development workshop with MOS aimed at giving them a tangible activity they could use with students in any grade or subject to encourage outdoor learning and self-reflection with a flavor of adventure.

Jonesport 2nd grade teacher trying out some Secret Spot ideas

Jonesport 2nd grade teacher trying out some Secret Spot ideas

Teachers began with a “silent conversation” where they wrote their ideas about what a microadventure is on a whiteboard. Transforming Rural Experience in Education (TREE) has been working within Jonesport Elementary School to encourage “microadventures,” which they describe as a whole body, emotionally-tied experience in a novel environment. MOS looks at microadventures with a particularly outdoor lens, thanks in large part to the efforts towards microadventures by Alastair Humphreys in the UK.

With a common language on microadventures in tow, MOS then presented a “Secret Spot” activity with a variety of journaling prompts for teachers to try. They went outside and had the opportunity to sit, think, and journal so they would leave with some concrete ideas to try with students. Afterwards, teachers brainstormed together about how to start incorporating Secret Spot Microadventures into their classes and were abuzz with new ideas.

“Hazel has an amazing way of introducing you to microadventures that you can immediately incorporate into your school day.”
— Marni Crowley, 5th grade teacher

You can learn about the teacher workshop we led at Jonesport Elementary School last year here.

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