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place-based education - Value of outdoor experiences - Redefining profit - Personal resilience - Community resilience

“Hazel and Joe presented complex material in an easy to understand and comprehend fashion. Their professional approach and mastery of the subject matter was evident from the start. I highly recommend them for your next presentation.”
— Thomas Mullin, Associate Professor of Parks, Recreation, and Ecotourism at Unity College

Co-Founder/Co-CEO Joseph Horn speaking about how MOS models its mission using its organizational structure. Video uploaded by Antioch University New England on 5/13/2016

Maine Outdoor School’s (MOS) mission is to serve as an educational catalyst for personal and community resilience in Downeast Maine through the lenses of economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and social equity. To advance our mission to an audience of adult professionals and other community members, we offer an array of presentations which can serve to add context, focus, or energy to your next gathering. The topics listed below are meant only to be a sample of the subjects that we can speak to and are in no way intended to be an exhaustive list. If there is a related subject that you would like us to speak about, please contact us directly and ask!

Place-Based Education for 21st Century Skills: Without a doubt, there are skills that people need to thrive in the 21st Century that differ from the most necessary skills of the 20th Century. Place-based education encourages us to base learning in what is local in order to enhance relevance and engagement to students while building the personal skills most necessary not only for our era, but also for our communities. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs will speak about some of the best practices in place-based education and give real examples of how teachers and other community members have worked together to create student learning experiences rooted in history, place, and collaboration.  After all, as Edward Casey says in his book The Fate of Place: A Philosophical History, “To be at all—to exist in any way—is to be somewhere, and to be somewhere is to be in some kind of place... We live in places, relate to others in them, die in them. Nothing we do is unplaced. How could it be otherwise?”

Value of Outdoor Experiences: Our innate draw towards wild spaces comes from a deep place of knowing that it is within these areas that we learn. Did you know that regular outdoor learning experiences improve self-esteem, creativity, attention spans, problem-solving, and test scores—all while reducing negative stress and building children’s capacity for empathy? How might we leverage our natural inclination towards learning outdoors to prepare young people for the demands of life? MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs will speak about the value of outdoor experiences in our everyday lives, both at home and at school, and actionable ways you can help young people have meaningful experiences outdoors. 

Redefining Profit: Imagine a world in which "profit" is defined not only by financial gains, but also by the overall impact an organization has on its local and global community. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs will speak about how individual business owners and consumers can participate in a growing global effort to redefine profit as a first step in building resilient communities. 

For better or worse, Poison Ivy exemplifies resilience!

For better or worse, Poison Ivy exemplifies resilience!

Community Resilience: Boom and bust is in the DNA of the mill-driven history of our New England towns. Faced with changes in our economy, environment, and society, how do we plan for and enact ideas at the community level to ensure that our towns not only thrive in the face of change, but also thrive because of change. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs will speak about building resilience on both the organizational and local government levels.  

Paying for Our Services: Maine Outdoor School is a mission-based organization. As such, MOS tries to be as flexible as possible with pricing to ensure accessibility to our programs and other services. We will have you fill out a survey which will indicate your interests and your budget and we’ll create a price proposal for you.

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