College's End: 2010

Hazel was enrolled in her final year at College of the Atlantic and Joe had just finished his time at Unity College. Joe found the world of science thrilling but longed to teach others about the natural world he found so enchanting. Hazel dabbled in everything from food systems and anthropology to mycology and ethnobotany but longed to inspire stewardship by teaching people about the wonders and importance of their backyards and their local wild spaces. Through a winding array of coursework in a dizzying variety of academic subjects, Hazel and Joe came to a similar conclusion: They both had a strong desire to make a handmade life for themselves and to teach others the art and craft of sustainability. Together they dreamed of a sustainability demonstration site which would teach the traditional skills of permaculture, blacksmithing, barn raising, soapmaking, and herbal medicine. Their idea at this stage was not fully formed, but instead served as the inspiration and guiding vision that sent them off into the world of post-college work.