Current Program Offerings

One-day - Two-day - Forest Fridays - Professional Development

It’s so great to see a program that is bringing children back into their natural habitats, getting their hands dirty, exploring, and being kids again!
— a Harrington Elementary School teacher's reflection after a MOS Program

All MOS programs are fully customizable so that they can meet the needs of your group. In schools, we can meet required state education standards and tie in seamlessly with the classroom teacher’s existing curriculum. We can also work with homeschooling groups or other organizations.

Students exploring the life within tidepools

Students exploring the life within tidepools

One-Day Program: Based in and around the school, this program is focused on facilitating understanding and knowledge about natural history and human land use history using input from the classroom teacher in order to align with standards and goals. 

Two-Day Program: Day one of this program matches the setup for the One-Day Program as outlined above, but day two involves a field trip or community service project where students can build upon and apply their learning from day one. MOS encourages classroom teachers to brainstorm service projects that would benefit their school and community that MOS could help facilitate with their students.

Identifying winter birds using a field guide

Identifying winter birds using a field guide

“Forest Friday” Program: These regular, immersive short programs, which can occur any day of the week, are designed to build student capacities for empathy, verbal communication, resilience, curiosity, fine motor skills, and much more through outdoor learning around their schools. It is a model that is gaining popularity in public schools across the country based on the successes of the traditional Forest Kindergarten model that started in northern Europe.  For a brief overview of the Forest School model that MOS aims to emulate with this program offering, please watch this video developed by a successful Forest School in the United Kingdom.

Having a MOS instructor with the knowledge of science in the outdoors really brought my unit on life science to another level.
— Jeff Chick, 5th Grade Teacher at Harrington Elementary School

Professional Development: MOS founders also offer professional development opportunities for classroom teachers and other adult professionals interested in integrating outdoor, place-based, experiential education into their existing curricula. These offerings are also highly customizable, depending on the needs of the group. 

Substitute Teaching: Maine Outdoor School educators can be on-call substitute teachers for schools within a 45-minute radius of Milbridge, ME in order to provide engaging outdoor learning activities aligned with the classroom curriculum when the usual teacher is absent. MOS educators can substitute for last minute absences or for teachers with foreseen absences. 

Have Other Ideas? MOS exists in order to foster personal and community resilience through outdoor learning. We can provide programs for youth or homeschooling groups, community events, and more! What interests you?

MOS is very professional with pre-planning and follow-up. The students are engaged and excited to be learning outdoors.”
— a Harrington Elementary School teacher

Paying for Our Programs: Maine Outdoor School is a mission-based organization. As such, MOS tries to be as flexible as possible with pricing to ensure accessibility to our programs. We will have you fill out a pre-program survey which will indicate your ideal program(s) with us and your budget and we’ll create a program and price proposal for you. 

If any of the above programs interest you, please contact us for details!