Current Organizational Services

evaluation - resilience assessments - curriculum development - organizational visioning - team-building

Maine Outdoor School’s (MOS) mission is to serve as an educational catalyst for personal and community resilience in Downeast Maine through the lenses of economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and social equity. In addition to our educational program offerings, we also offer services for organizations interested in enhancing their own capacity for resilience internally and within the greater community. In human communities, resilience stems from not only our youth but also our local businesses and non-profits. With both academic and practical experience in both education and business, our unique focus on mirroring resilient natural systems helps us offer you a fresh perspective in order to foster organizational resilience and innovation. 

Evaluation: My organization is meeting its mission… right? Organizations often struggle to quantify gains towards meeting their goals and objectives. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs will work directly with your organization to determine how a program should start, whether it should continue, or how it should be adjusted moving forward to better meet the organization’s goals. Our process begins by helping you articulate your desired results, then creating a logic model to make sense of the complexity of your organization. We help you identify a specific question you need answering and then we custom craft and implement an array of evaluation tools to get the answers you need.  Never be uncertain about your organization’s impact again.

Resilience Assessment: How resilient is my organization to changes in the business environment? Have I correctly identified my organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Are my employees enthusiastic about their work? MOS dives deep into the systems and structures that make your business and industry run. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs help you identify your business's assets and challenges from a whole-systems perspective.

Curriculum Development: Need a fresh idea to brighten your curriculum? Perhaps you are struggling to integrate certain standards into your day-to-day routine? Maybe you have a kernel of a brilliant idea for an innovative program but need help formalizing and launching the idea? MOS staff will work directly with you or your staff to create an innovative curriculum or lesson plan by identifying enduring understandings, guiding questions, learning objectives, assessment evidence, and a minute-by-minute schedule.

Organizational Visioning: Is your organization stuck in the doldrums of “business as usual?” Do you wonder if your organization’s mission is still relevant to what you do? Perhaps your business is working just fine but you ache to identify an innovative next step for your organization. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEO’s work with your managers and staff to get to the root of those and any other questions that so often plague businesses of all sizes. This organizational service is the most abstract because we intend this service to be firmly rooted in a specific concern or interest from your organization.

Team-building: Do you sense a lack of trust in your team? Do you find that your team avoids conflict in order to “just keep going?” Do you struggle with your team meeting goals efficiently and enjoyably? High functioning teams do not form on their own; they require patience, dedication, empathy, and communication in order to maximize productivity and morale. MOS Co-Founders/Co-CEOs will combine engaging hands-on team challenges with the findings of the latest research in teamwork to help you and your team to maximize your potential.

Paying for Our Services: Maine Outdoor School is a mission-based organization. As such, MOS tries to be as flexible as possible with pricing to ensure accessibility to our programs and other services. We will have you fill out a survey which will indicate what you would like our help with and your budget and we’ll create a price proposal for you.