Final Thoughts on Leadership

Often times leaders of change or entrepreneurs of innovative businesses are thought of as gods among people. They are seen as the biggest, strongest, smartest and most daring of our society. They are thought to be driven by unfathomable--bordering on religious--inspiration of goodness. But when we peel away the layers of myth, rumor, and hearsay, leadership is something much more tangible and attainable. Leadership takes inspiration from positive observations and experiences forged and tempered by challenging “crucibles of leadership.” The resulting lessons learned from these experiences are then honed and polished with a sense that people can make a difference if they believe in themselves, they value their past experiences, and they give their vision a chance.

For Hazel and Joe, their cumulative experiences growing up with a passion for the outdoors led them on both academic and practical journeys. Pairing their difficult times at several environmental education centers with their overwhelmingly positive time at Foothill Horizons both challenged and inspired Hazel and Joe to forge their core beliefs and develop a vision for MOS. After nearly a decade of the iterative process of finding their paths and honing their vision, they incorporated MOS and began their educational programs, organizational services, and speaking engagements in 2016.